“Prayrie Go Round” Jerry Lucky Review

“Some of you may recognize Hoyt Binder’s name as the brainchild of the pop-prog-rock outfit Primitive Overflow. This release, Prayrie Go Round is his first solo effort and is a very different animal. It still harbors a distinct prog influence or foundation but is in a broader sense more fusion oriented. It’s a distinct jazzy, fusion vibe but not one that will be lost on progressive rock fans. Hoyt Binder has crafted a very fine set of tunes with Prayrie Go Round. It easily demonstrates yet another side to the man. Clearly his musical creativity is not something that can be contained in just one band.” – Jerry Lucky

Read more here: Jerry Lucky Review

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“Prayrie Go Round” FAME Review

“I found myself in for a number of surprises with this CD. Not only is Hoyt Binder an unorthodox and fluid guitarist and writer in the fusion genre, not only had he managed to snag Toss Panos on drums, a cat who’s played with everyone under the sun, but he also grabbed Trevor Lloyd, a SoCal Beach Cities progrock violinist and former member of the way underappreciated and largely unknown Underwater Traffic, and finally bassist Paulo Gustavo. The foursome sinks deeply into progfusion on Prayrie Go Round, Binder the main voice but embedded firmly in rich dynamics and atmospherics from compeers.” – Mark S. Tucker

You can read more here: FAME Review

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“Prayrie Go Round” All About Jazz Review

“This is a very deft debut album, indeed, from an original and talented guitarist and a fine group of accompanying musicians, its overall qualities being originality and lack of well-worn clichés. Hoyt Binder has something new to say and he says it well.” – Roger

FarbeyRead more here: All About Jazz Review

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Third Single From “Prayrie Go Round” Released

Here is the 3rd and last single, “Missing Donnie”, from “Prayrie Go Round which features drum god Toss Panos. This song is Hoyt’s musical interpretation of hanging out with Donnie Vie, one of his favorite singer/ songwriters who he was fortunate to work with on the Primitive Overflow album, “Honor Way Down.” This song was written as Hoyt was waiting for Donnie to show up to one of those recording sessions and it reminds him of the crazy night they shared afterwards driving through the Hollywood hills and talking about Donnie’s dream to do a rock opera. It’ll always be a fond memory for Hoyt

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Primitive Overflow Featured Again In Fireworks Magazine

Primitive Overflow, featuring Donnie Vie, is honred to be included once again in the UK’s Fireworks Magazine. The current issue has a cd sampler in which Primitive Overflow’s 2nd single, “Waiting For You,” is featured on. With Def Leppard on the front cover, it’s Hoyt’s 80s fantasy come true.
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Second Single From “Prayrie Go Round” Released

The second single from “Prayrie Go Round” (featuring Toss Panos),  I Found You, has been released.

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All About Jazz Interview

Here’s an interview with All About Jazz where Hoyt discusses influences and music in general:   Take Five With Hoyt Binder

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“Prayrie Go Round” Featuring Toss Panos Released Worldwide

“Prayrie Go Round” which features Toss Panos is now available worldwide via iTunesAmazoncdBaby and other websites! The album release party as held at The Joint, Los Angeles, and included a listening party as well as a unique live performance.

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All About Jazz Press Release: Hoyt Binder Debut Album

Contemporary jazz-rock fusion guitarist Hoyt Binder announced the release date of his upcoming debut album, Hoyt Binder: Prayrie Go Round for November 6th. This release features Toss Panos on drums, Trevor Lloyd on violin and Paulo Gustavo on bass. The new album will be distributed worldwide and available via iTunes, Amazon and other music websites. Read more here: All About Jazz Press Release

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First Single From “Prayrie Go Round” Released

The first single of my debut jazz fusion album, “Prayrie Go Round,” featuring Toss Panos is Leap Of Faith


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